Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More on De Blob

Thanks to those of you who e-mailed (Niels van Klaveren was first) with more information abou the origins of De Blob.

Incredibly, De Blob originally started as a student project in 2006 by this team:
Jasper King: project lead / level designer / artist
Fabian Akker: lead level designer
David Vink: sound designer/level designer
Gijs Hermans: lead artist
Ralph Rademakers: artist
Fahrang Namdar: artist
Huub van Summeren: artist
Olaf Jansen: programmer
Joost van Dongen: lead programmer

Besides making a totally cool game, what was their purpose? Here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry:
At the time of conception, sections of Utrecht were being rebuilt and the principal task in creating the game was to convey how the railroad station area of Utrecht would look in 10 years.

I played the original PC version last night (which you can download here), and it's incredibly creative. I think this is one of the first times I can ever remember that an already-excellent game was then extended and enhanced by a third-party developer. The core of the original game is absolutely intact, but Blue Tongue Entertainment did a terrific job of making it even better.

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