Monday, November 17, 2008

Notes, Corrections, and a Link

I have officially rejoined the human race and even swam today for the first time in over a week.

Two corrections. First, Chris Kohler pointed out that Sony DID cut the price of the PS3 last October--the 80GB model, which dropped from $599 to $499. So even though October of last year was an absolutely horrible month for the PS3, it did contain a price cut.

Sony trying to imply that October of last year (121,000 units!) was a tough compare because of that is still a stench that knows no bounds.

Also, Pete Romaine let me know that the "Star Wars A Cappella" link from last Friday is quite misleading. The fellow in the video singing the four parts isn't actually singing them--he's just lip-synching. The fellows who actually sang those parts are a comedy group called Moosebutter. They note on their web page that the video was made with their blessing, but these guys are the real comedians.

Lastly, a link to a very interesting podcast called Hatchet Job. This is Episode 21, and I'll let DQ reader Chris Peters (who's part of the team that creates the podcast) describe it for you:
We host a college Game Design professor having an honest discussion with a games industry recruiter. They debate in detail the weaknesses of "game designer" programs at university, how they are sold to students, and where they fail to meet the needs of the industry (we also discuss some good things).

I listened to the half-hour show and it was very frank and very entertaining.

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