Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gaming Links

One of my favorite days of the year is when the Independent Games Festival announces its award finalists, and I get to browse through all the developer websites and check out the games. Which you can do right now, because they've just released the finalists.

If you ever wanted to play Dwarf Fortress (you must play this game), but were intimidated by the interface, there are a series of fourteen video tutorials now available. Created by "CpnDuck," they should help anyone get into the game, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun has them all linked here.

The latest installment of Matt Sakey's "Culture Clash" column is online, and this month, it's about innovation.

Jim Rossignol has a fascinating two-part article on the Russian gaming industry titled "Gaming in the Russian Cosmos." Part one and part two are now available.

Soren Johnson (yes, that Soren Johnson) recently interviewed Derek Paxton, the project lead for the epic Fall From Heaven mod for Civ IV. Thanks to Roger for the link.

GameSetWatch has an excellent interview with Pat Lawlor, a legendary pinball designer reponsible for both FunHouse and The Addams Family tables.

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