Monday, January 19, 2009

The Good Old Days

Back in 2004, in the golden age of creative spam, I received dozens of e-mails from "individuals" with names I can only describe as delightful. I ran across them today, and here's a sample:
Toenail F. Draftsmanship
Radials R. Nolan
Terrier Q. Vestige
Verification S. Antiquary
Whatever A. Jettisoned
Discomfited U. Ventriloquist
Turmerics O. Renegade
Banana Kramer
Toothpaste B. Repasting
Resonances S. Bookmobile
Luminescence H. Corroboration
Humbug K. Acquaintance
Urbanizing G. Particle
Flannels B. Tabloid
Decapitation H. Postulates
Incapacity H. Wolfish
Tattoo K. Anchorpeople
Platypus O. Distributing
Gherkin L. Dunedin
Cowlick G. Eyelash
Soft V. Loco

Classics, every one, and I think "Banana Kramer" or "Soft V. Loco" would make excellent band names.

This was also the era of the random subject line. A few favorites:
regrettable snowy etymology resin
avocado pit bodice rippers around 6
bowling ball 77 dilettantes

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