Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pain=7 Billion Units of Pain or Some Other Universal Pain-Measuring Unit

I posted about the worst shot I'd ever had last week, and a few of you guys sent in stories that were clearly more painful than mine. Shad Price, though, has scoreboard on all of us, I think. Here's his story:
Several years back, I had my first cataract surgery on my right eye. (This is one, of many, bonus side-affects that one with Retinitus Pigmentosa could possibly be gifted with.)

So 2 weeks go by after my surgery and one day I am working with my father on one of his jobs and I realize that I can't see much out of my right eye. By that night, I was blind in my right eye and in a panic. I make an appointment with my doctor the next day for him to check it out. I go in and he takes one look and he realizes that the pressure has gone way up in my right eye for some reason and that immediate action must be taken or I stand the risk of permanent vision loss in the eye. It turns out that the first part was 2 cortisone shots directly in my eye, followed by a bunch of drops and drugs.

My wife abandoned me and left the room for fear of being sick. A team of five basically held me down while it got administered. It hurt pretty much as bad as you could imagine and then some. I ended up getting new in-soles for the shoes I wore that day because I curled my toes so violently that I tore up the original ones in my shoes.

I think I tore up the insoles in my shoes just READING this.

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