Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cosmetic Surgery And The World's Most Amusing Dermatologist

I went for my annual dermatology check-up today, and my dermatologist, as always, was interesting.

We usually talk about cosmetic surgery, because while she's a dermatologist who has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery, she works in what is essentially a giant cosmetic surgery mill. So while I'm sitting in the waiting area for my boring annual skin safety check, I sit next to women who look like the freaking Bride of Frankenstein.

I don't know if cosmetic surgery is popular where you live (Ben, I'm pretty sure I know the answer for your area), but it's becoming increasingly popular here, so much so that the women who are 35+ are all starting to look alike.

I've never been able to succinctly explain this similarity, but my doctor did. She said women who have cosmetic surgery look like each other in the same way that Down's Syndrome kids have a distinct resemblance to each other.

If I was going to try and describe the cosmetic surgery "look," it would be tightly stretched and angular in a way that's almost harsh. And it's easy to spot--maybe not all women who have cosmetic surgery look like this, but it's easy to pick out the ones who do. So these women are paying significant amounts of money to look more "beautiful," but all they're getting is a Stepford Wife overhaul.

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