Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harry Potter, And Again

Gloria took Eli 7.11 to the Texas History Museum this afternoon. "What?" I asked. "You're not going to see Harry Potter?"

She laughed. "Not today," she said. "Thank goodness."

Gloria loves the new Harry Potter movie. So do I--it's my favorite, by far, in the series. Gloria, though, has already seen it three times with Eli because he loves it so much.

I would normally not let him see anything this mature, but like I wrote a few weeks ago, he's got major sweat equity in the series, so I wasn't going to tell him that he had to wait.

So anyway, they're at the museum, and the phone rings around 2:00. I pick it up and it's Gloria. "So what are you guys doing this afternoon?" I asked.

She started laughing. "Remember how I said Harry Potter wasn't showing at the IMAX here? Well, it is, and we're going to the three o'clock showing."

In the background, I can hear Eli 7.11 shouting "YES!"

"Way to take one for the team," I said.

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