Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Console Post-ette Of The Week

I just saw this on Kotaku:
Microsoft sweetens the deal on the newly $299 Xbox 360, offering a $50 rebate on all Elite consoles purchased between now and October 5th.

The website for the rebate is here.

I believe this is a strong indication that in spite of what Microsoft says publicly, they are very concerned about the early sales numbers in response to the PS3 price cut. They should be, because at $299, I think they will be consistently outsold by the PS3. At $249 for the Elite, though, they would stay ahead.

Like I said, this is when it really gets interesting, particularly if all the circulars showing the Wii for $199 in the near future are legitimate. In that scenario, I think Microsoft would wind up third this holiday season. It may well be that they will try to use a combination of temporary rebates and bundles to make sure that doesn't happen.

Oh, and if you've been waiting to buy a 360, that's a hell of a deal.

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