Thursday, December 24, 2009

Your Delightful E-mail

Seriously, it's delightful. Don't deny it.

First, from Rob Kaye, a story about another sign (following up on the "Bumdoodlers post):
We have a gas station chain up here in Illinois called Speedway (just in
case you've never seen one down there). Anyway, we drive by at night,
and the S and the d are burnt out.

think about it...

I thought Payton was gonna roll out of the car. I was having a hard
time staying in my lane...

For those of you lazy letter shifters, that would be PEE WAY.

Brian Minsker is next, and he has a brush with greatness story about the utterly edible Susanna Kallur and her twin sister (oh MY GOD she has a twin sister):
Living in Champaign, we got to see a lot fo Susanna Kallur and her twin sister Jenny (also a 100m hurdler) while they were members of the UI track team. They're also the daughers of Andres Kallur, who played with the NY Islanders back when they were winning Stanley Cups.

Brian also linked to an explanation of why a font would be named after a siege engine, but the real reason is so limp and corporate that it's not worth repeating in these hallowed grounds.

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