Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Straight From The Boasting Archives

From September 2008 (thanks Julian Dasgupta):
[Kotick] also believes that Activision's employee headcount has kept the company a step ahead of its rhythm game competitors.

"Our next-nearest competitor has a couple of hundred people working on these projects," said Kotick. "We have close to 2000 people just dedicated to the Guitar Hero note tracking, introduction of new hardware, introduction of new software, and so we just have a lot more in the way of resources available to us to continue to dominate the category."
...Earlier this week, Kotick revealed that the publisher intends to triple the amount of its total released Guitar Hero games and content by 2010.

Just over sixteen months later:
Guitar Hero developer Neversoft has seen an unspecified number of staff cuts...

Separate reports from multiple sources also confirm layoffs and claim potential closure at Bay Area-based Activision studio Underground Development, latterly the developer of titles such as Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

Oh, and Red Octane? closed.

Summary? After lower-than expected sales of music games in 2009, Activision Blizzard will release just two games in the Hero franchise in the second half of 2010, the publisher said Wednesday.


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