Wednesday, March 31, 2010


[Someone e-mailed and said I spelled "pwned" wrong--there's no "o." Agreed, but that's how Eli said it,  with a hard "p" and a long "o", like "loaned." Gloria will see this and go "Hey, you just got pwned, and how should I pronounce that?"]

Gloria was checking Eli 8.7s homework.

"Eli, I think you missed this," she said, pointing to something inscrutable in a workbook. Because I'm also 8.7, I was playing Little King's Story and not paying attention.

"No, Mom, that's right," Eli said, and he pointed to something in the workbook. "See?"

"Oh, you're right," Gloria said.

"Ooh! I powned you!" he said. I've never used that word around him--it's one of those words you see all the time, but never say.

"No, you didn't," she said. "Now go take your shower." He walked upstairs.

"He didn't pown me," she said. She paused. "I don't even know that means."

"I'm pretty sure that if you don't even know what 'pown' means, then he powned you," I said, laughing.

"Stop it!" she said.

"I apologize to any of the powned who may have been offended," I said. She hit me with a blanket.

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