Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Links!

First off this week, from George Paci, an absolutely mesmerizing paper: The World's First Immunization Campaign:
The Spanish Smallpox Vaccine Expedition, 1803–1813
. It is completely and utterly fascinating.

Next, from DQ Film Advisor and Nicest Guy In The World Ben Ormand, it's First Person Observer, which I can only describe as The Onion of video games. Sample headlines: Desperate, Marooned Astronaut Tries To Use Every Item With Every Other Item, and Health Pack Reform Divides Nation.

Francis Cermak sent me a link to a terrific blog titled The Psychology Of Games, and if you're interested in human behavior, I highly recommend taking a look. Francis also mentioned that if DQ is blocked at work, you can use Google Reader to sneak around the block (in most cases).

From Chris Lamb, video of a scuba diver and his remarkable encounter with a camera stealing octopus.

From Tim Lesnick, a spectacular photo of Ash and Lightning Above an Icelandic Volcano.

From Sirius, one of the most amazing works of art I've ever seen: San Francisco, recreated with toothpicks. Also, and this is fascinating, a story about the use of hyperspectral imaging to find bodies underground. Here's an excerpt:
Hyperspectral imaging collects and processes light from across the electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light as well as ultraviolet and infrared light. The research could help police solve missing persons cases or reveal new mass graves from hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.

Now, meet the amazing turtle ant. And finally, a video clip of the acrobatic contortionist triplets, the Ross Sisters. Be sure to watch past the one-minute mark.

From George Paci, it's Getting Revenge On Zombies.

Sam Veilleux submitted this as the best headline ever, and I really don't disagree: In Safety Study, Sheep On Meth Are Shocked With Tasers. The headline is much funnier than the story itself, which is pretty icky. I would, however, submit that Civilized caterpillars talk with their butts is also quite amusing, and it's not disgusting at all. And caterpillars are hardly the only species to talk with their butts--or out them.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, it's George Washington Racks Up Late Fees at NY Library. Also, and this is both interesting and amusing, it's Time Traveler Caught In Museum Photo? Also, and this is remarkably clever, it's Hark a Vagrant: Great Gatsbys.
From Mark Lahren, and this is fascinating, it's Rock and Roll Heaven, a list of major musicians from the 1955-1980 era  who have died.

From Andrew Baerg, a beautiful piece of music (and an excellent use of technology as well): Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'.

From Jonathan Arnold, a series of photographs taken from a passenger aboard the Eureka Zeppelin, the only zeppelin in the United States. Also, some totally fantastic coin magic.

Finally, here's a spectacular ending: Wife Hacks Husband's Car Forum Account, Divorces Him With It.

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