Thursday, April 01, 2010

The One Wheel News

Here's your occasionally requested unicycle update.

I've been working to increase my average ride distance, particularly now that I've found a bunch of paved trails to ride with no traffic worries. I try to ride at least four miles now, which is a 45+ minute ride.

Trying to increase my distance is riding a fine line, so to speak, because as you get tired, falls are much more likely. So that last ten minutes, when I'm really past my endurance level, can be pretty risky. As long as I ride on paved road, though, it's reasonably safe--I've only fallen twice in the last ten weeks, and both times it was because I was just exhausted.

The benefit of doing this is that I'm able to ride courses clean (without stepping off) that I could never do before. There's a thirty minute park ride we like to go on that's packed red dirt (packed more tightly in some places than others), with six short, arched bridges. Those bridges--two in particular--used to force me to step off every time, but Sunday I rode the whole loop with no problem. Learning to ride a unicycle is all about balance, but beyond that, strength and power become increasingly important.

I've found a nine mile loop in Pflugerville that's the next goal, although that's a long way away.

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