Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Dude

We had breakfast at McDonald's on Saturday morning, and while we were there, a guy walked up to the counter.

He was about 5'6" and rail-thin--I doubt he weighed more than 120 pounds. He had long blonde hair, down past his shoulders, and big-ass meatchop sideburns. He wore wheat-colored work boots.

That wasn't all he wore, obviously, but it's what stood out, because the boots were clearly new.

His demeanor wasn't alarming, necessarily, but something just seemed off. He was, in a word, jittery.

On his belt, he had what initially looked like an employee I.D. badge. It was that size, at least. What it was, though, was a laminated picture of Bombshell McGee.

There is no place in my mental filing cabinet for this image. He is entirely outside the known universe.

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