Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, An Ancient Comedy of Urban Errors, a graduate thesis in which the author diagrammed and modeled "a constellation of architectural set pieces" meant for "a day-long performance of The Comedy of Errors" by William Shakespeare. It also includes diagrams mapping the movement of every character through the city. It's a mind-blowing piece of work.

Next, and if you're interested in sports, this is a must-read, a Sports Illustrated article titled Confessions of an Agent. It's very, very dirty out there.

Also from TEGLM, something you'll really enjoy: How nitroglycerine explodes-in slow motion. Next, it's Incredible Aerial Images from Around the World (and they're quite spectacular).

From Frank Regan, a story about the substance most likely to change our lives this century: graphene.

Jonathan Arnold sends along a story about Johnny Depp, in full Capt. Jack sparrow regalia, showing up at a UK school to help children mutiny against their teachers (per a written request from a nine-year-old girl). Depp is completely awesome.

From Jeremy Fischer, a story about new solar cells that convert both light and heat.

From David Byron, a remarkable software program that can remove objects from video--
in real time.

From Sirius, an entirely trippy video: continuously morphing Mandelbulb fractals. Also, it's Top 20 Microscope Photos of the Year.

From Neil Gibbings, a terrific time-lapse video of the deconstruction, followed by construction of a building in Paris.

From Clayton Lee, a Ghostbusters-AC/CD mash-up that is absolutely outstanding.

What would happen if you left a Happy Meal out for six months? Thanks to a link submitted by John R, now you can find out.

From Scott Lewis, the story of two Chihuahuas-- one very clever, and one not so much.

From Kez, a scary look at miraculous transformations with makeup. Also, and this is fantastic, it's a Japanese comb-over expert.

From Kevin W, it's the world's largest kind of working yo-yo. Also, and these are amazing, it's Jim's Pancakes (go look at the dinosaur--it's 3D).

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