Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday Links!

I think this is one of the most diverse (and interesting) set of links you guys have ever submitted.
In response to the corn truck post I made two weeks ago, Thom Moyles had an eagle-eye find: in a previous Friday Link, in which a man dancing in the street gets hit by an ice cream truck, he pointed out that on the side of the truck it says "Elotes," which means corn-on-the-cob in Spanish.

This might well be the greatest headline in history: Suspect Denies Owning Cocaine In His Butt. I hope the guy who rented that storage locker gets his security deposit back.

Ben Younkins sent me a link to a fascinating article about, of all things, quicksand. And yes, quicksand fetishists do exist.

From John Trujillo, an in-depth article about the "merchant of death"--international arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Okay, you have to see this video: praying mantis bodyslams a hummingbird. Seriously, it's incredible--that is one bad-ass praying mantis. Also, and not quite as much must-see (although very cute), it's kittens on Roomba.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, an unsettling but striking series of photographs: Human Landscapes--development in SW Florida. Also, and these are so beautiful, it's tilt-shift Van Gogh.

Here's a fascinating story from Andrew B: Germany just made its last reparation payment--
for WWI

From Sirius, a startling discovery: plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs were warm-blooded. Also, the story of a father and son who launched a 19-inch helium balloon--into space. Next, and this is also amazing, the discovery of an undocumented language in India.

Matt Anderson sent in a link to a wonderful video of Ike Ditzenberger, who has Down Syndrome, scoring a touchdown for his high school team.

From Matt S., a tremendous bicycle trick video. Matt notes that the soundtrack has "lyrical" swearing, which is an excellent description (it's quite a catchy song).

From Jorn Barger, in response to my evil lair housing post, it's evil people in modernist homes in popular films.

From Mr. Fritz, a stunning steampunk LCD.

Jeremy Fischer sent in a link to an amazing plane--one that flies without flaps.

From Chris Pencis, a court transcript that sounds straight out of a Monty Python skit.

From Amy Leigh, it's 10 Geeky Nintendo Themed Accessories.

From Frank Regan, an interesting  optical illusion.

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