Monday, October 04, 2010

Gaming Notes

Ian Bogost wrote a sensational piece for Gamasutra skewering EA's decision to "remove" the Taliban from its upcoming Medal of Honor game. Titled Persuasive Games: Free Speech is Not a Marketing Plan, it's one of the clearest and most precise pieces of writing I've read in a long time.

There's a blog post over at Mode 7 Games (developers of Frozen Synapse) about the startling phenomenon that is Minecraft. It's an excellent explanation about what makes Minecraft unique and why it's been so stunningly successful.

I've gotten a ton of e-mail from you guys asking why I haven't tried Minecraft yet. I was about to, then the game sold about a bajillion copies in three days, and I figured they were just fine on their own in terms of getting publicity. It's still very high on the list of games to try, though, and it's exactly the kind of game I was hoping someone would make.

PC Gamer has an interesting story about Chris Park and Arcen Games. You may remember that I posted recently that Park had been very frank about discussing the company's financial troubles, and in this article, he provides some incredibly detailed financial information that should be of interest to anyone curious about the business of making games as an indie.

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