Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Links!

Here's the link you absolutely must check out this week (thanks to Igor Nedeljkovic) : holographic sheets. Not bed sheets, by the way.

From Tateru Nino, and this is also awesome: Water Droplet Bouncing on a Superhydrophobic Carbon Nanotube Array.

From Andrew B, an amazing feat: Berlin Researchers Crack the Ptolemy Code. Plus, and you HAVE to see these pictures, it's the goliath tigerfish.

From Brian Pritchard, and this is outstanding, it's LEGO Haunted House.

From DQ Fitness Advisor Doug Walsh, a brilliant headline: Auto Erotica: Man Gets Hot n' Heavy With Chevy In Seward Park.

From Kevin W, and this is both darkly amusing and disturbing at the same time, it's 5 Times We Almost Nuked Ourselves By Accident.

Here's something extremely awesome: a lost, unpublished Dr. Seuss manuscript has been discovered. And it was a book about sports.

From Glen Haag, it's the 32 greatest sports calls.

From Sirius, and continuing the stream of bizarre and outstanding mash-ups, it's Stayin' Alive And The Wall. Also, and this is very interesting, a story about how butterflies cure themselves using medicinal plants.

Two links from Brad Brasfield. First, it's Terribly Inappropriate Comics. Next, it's Look a Little Bit Closer….

From Jeremy Fischer, and this is quite fantastic, it's The 600 Years ("video mapping during the 600 year anniversary of the astrological tower clock situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague").

From Jonathan Arnold, a time-lapse video of bridge construction.

From Frank Regan, and this is quite entertaining, it's Dancing At The Movies. Here's one more, and if you played Demon's Soul's (the best reason to have a PS3), you know how insane this is: Demon's Souls completed in under an hour.

From Ryan Brandt, the band Atomic Tom performing Take Me Out--on their iPhones (I know--that sounds gimmicky as hell--but it's surprisingly good).

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, a breakthrough: solar panels at 60% efficiency (brought to you by the same guy who invented, believe it or not, the Super Soaker).

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