Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Links!

From Sirius, video of a new sport that combines skiing and paragliding: speedflying. It should also be called "A Scenic Way To Die." Also, the story of the Clan Towers Of Ingushetia, impregnable towers where people lived for years without ever coming out. One more, and it's a discovery of how certain snakes manage to fly.

Here's a fascinating link from Mr. Fritz: The Shadow Scholar. The author writes all sorts of collegiate papers, including graduate dissertations, for a living, and it's a terrific (and disturbing) read.

Here's an excellent (and rare) interview with Berke Breathed (creator of the much-loved Bloom County, among other things).

From Mitch Youngblood, a bizarre but fascinating project: Russia plans domed city in Siberian mine. I don't know if there should be a second "o" in "domed" or not.

From Randy Graham, and anyone with a smartphone has probably experienced this, it's Damn You, Auto Correct.

From John Catania, and you really need to see this, it's The Most Realistic CGI You've Ever Seen.

From Jim Moss, some absolutely spectacular pictures taken from the International Space Station.

From Dave Yeager, an episode of Unbeatable Banzuke--this time, featuring a unicylist.

From Keith Grogan, a fantastic collection of images from the National Geographic Photography Contest.

From Frank Regan, and this must be the coolest kid's room ever: Perimeter Marble Run.

From Brian DeyErmand, and if you're a basketball fan, this is a must-see: a visual representation of each player's stats in the form of a human (that's a crappy explanation, but just go here and read the explanation, then click on the screen to move through the players. It's incredibly clever.

Finally, in the That Can't Be What You Really Meant department, a poignant story hampered by the headline: Man touched by two drunk drivers gives thanks.

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