Thursday, December 09, 2010

An Appropriate Image: Mr. Bean Riding A Giraffe

The apocalypse has apparently arrived, because I bought a pair of ice skates today.

I'm not telling Eli 9.4. The plan is to walk around for a few days on carpet (with skate guards on) when he's not here, then take a few lessons, then skate an hour a day for the next month. Once I've learned and have a lower chance of killing myself, I'll surprise him. I'm hoping that 30 hours of on-ice time will at least be enough to not look like a complete idiot (insert your joke here).

I was very surprised at how technical and complicated the process is to buy skates for the first time. I tried on five different pairs, talked about all kinds of skate-related things with the person who was fitting me, then went through the oven baking process (the skates, not me) to help the break-in process.

All told, it took an hour and a half.

I also have a helmet on the way, so put that e-mail back in the holster. Believe me, my number one priority is to not break something (including my head).

If you have any tips for learning, though, fire away.

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