Monday, May 23, 2011

The Big Picture Thread

Now that I have a phone with a decent camera, I've been snapping pictues when I see something interesting. Let's take a look.

First, there's this:

I've had lots of days when everything made about that much sense.

This next picture is in the lobby of a building where my dermatologist has her practice. She's the "real medicine" practitioner in a cosmetic surgery building, and I can only hope this painting was put there on purpose.

Here's one more, at a local Diary Queen:

That little white paper says "ALL Incorrect Orders Must Be Resolved Within 2 Hours Of Purchase." There is no calculation I can do that explains the need for a two-hour window here.

This is the bathroom of a burger place where I eat three or four days a week:

Notice what isn't there? A mirror. I'm just waiting for them to put up a sign that says "IF YOU WANT TO LOOK AT YOURSELF, GO TO SOMEBODY ELSE'S DAMN RESTAURANT."

This next image is from a chalkboard at my gym:

I can't tell if that's a workout or a restaurant.

This last picture is just something I thought was striking:

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