Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The cast is off and Eli 9.10 is cleared for the start of summer hockey league next Monday. Before that, though, there was this:

That's Eli's left hand and my right hand on the controller, and it was the first game we won. We scored with a little over three minutes left in the third period and held on.

I never thought I'd play a game like this, but it wound up being something that we did every day, without fail, and it was really fun for both of us. Eli, controlling the left half of the controller, controlled skating direction, pass direction, shot direction. He could also make our player dive if I hit the right bumper at the same time he hit the left button.

I had control of more functions, because I controlled the face buttons as well as the right analog stick/bumper/trigger. I controlled when we shot and the type of shot, as well as when we passed. I could also check and poke check, along with a few other things.

What made it fun, though, was that since he controlled the direction of shooting/passing, but I controlled when, we had to communicate to a degree that I'd never even tried in a game before. At the begining, we talked through it all, and made a ton of mistakes, but as the games went by, we grew much better at seeing the same thing, so that I knew when he wanted me to pass without him saying a word, and he knew where to skate to get me to my favorite areas to shoot.

It was a genuine celebration when we finally won, much more so than when we play co-op, because we were playing as one person, not two.

I have a bunch of Eli stories piled up to tell you, but I'll save that for another day.

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