Thursday, June 23, 2011

NBA Draft

I don't watch much college basketball anymore (because if you're not a fan of a specific team, the quality has sunk so low that it's unwatchable), but I always watch some of the NCAA tournament, even if it's just for nostalgia's sake.

The NBA Draft is tonight, and it reminded me that I saw one kid in the tournament who I thought was going to be a star in the NBA: Kawhi Leonard.

He played for San Diego St. (unlikely, right?), and he's strong and incredibly hard-working. Averaged a double-double in college. I saw him play three games, and he was terrific in all three.

I've read in several places where this is supposedly the weakest draft in the last two decades (again, I'm not surprised, given the quality of play), but I think this guy is going to have a great career.

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