Thursday, June 23, 2011


We were eating at McAlister's Deli before summer hockey league. It's about fifteen minutes from our house.

"Dad, I know how to get home from here," Eli 9.10 said.

"Well, tell me, then," I said. When I was a kid, I couldn't get more than six blocks from my house without getting lost.

"We go out of the parking lot and go left ," he said. "Then we go straight down and turn right at Einstein's, turn left at the next right, and stay on the access road. Go under the highway, then at Arbor Walk, get on the highway at the light. We go past The Domain and take the exit by Randall's. We turn right on the parkway, right past the pool, and we're home."

"That is amazing," I said. "Totally excellent use of landmarks, buddy. I'm really, really impressed."

"I could walk home if I needed to," he said.

"There are situations where it would be priceless to have that knowledge," I said. "For instance, if there's a zombie apocalypse."

"Not my first scenario, but okay," he said.

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