Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Shooting Stars

The Dallas Stars of the NHL named Glen Gulutzan as their new head coach recently.

We don't really know him as Glen. He's just Laird's dad.

Gulutzan was coach of the AHL Texas Stars, located in nearby Cedar Park. And his three children played in the youth hockey program. With Eli.

So Eli 9.11 knows him. Probably the best save he's ever made was against his daughter, Ellen, and her dad was in the stands for that game. He was thrilled to find out Laird's dad was the new coach of the Stars--until he realized they'd be moving.

"What?" he said. "Can't they stay here? I really like them!"

The best thing about all this? They're great kids. He's a very nice man, and his wife is very nice as well. They were just like the rest of us--hockey moms and dads. We'd all stand next to the glass and talk about our kids.

It's fair to say that we've become huge Dallas Star fans overnight.

(note: kid's names, obviously, were changed)

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