Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a wonderful link from Jeff about the opening of the first public library in Troy, Michigan in 1971. A librarian wrote a bevy of famous figures and asked what libraries meant to them. A  remarkable number wrote back, and you can see some of them in Letters to the Children of Troy.

Here's the fascinating story of Vaughn Meader, a comedian whose career (and, in some ways, his life) was essentially ended by an assassination.

From Sirius, and this is an absolutely mesmerizing photo, it's A labyrinth made with salt.  Also, and this is one of the coolest pictures I've ever seen, it's Why you can't sneak up on a grasshopper.

From Jason Maddox, an entirely wonderful video about gaming titled The World Is Saved .

Here's a fascinating look at a technical mystery that persuaded the NHL to change how they reviewed goal/no goal via replay.

From Tim Newsome, and we now have a bark links streak going, it's more beautiful pictures of bark.

From Steven Davis, two very interesting links: Are Modern Airplanes Dangerously Overengineered? (from Popular Mechanics, and it's an excellent read), and A Brief Dry Spell for the U.S.S. Monitor. Wait, here's one more: World’s Largest Stop-Motion Animation.

From Don Slevin, links to three wonderful short films: Move, Learn, and Eat.

From DQ Fitness Advisor Doug Walsh, and just remember, things seen cannot be unseen, it's Awkward Pregnancy Photos.

From Frank Regan, a link to a fascinating video: Japan tsunami tore huge ice chunks off Antarctica.

From Jonathan Arnold, another one of those gigapixel pictures, except this one is at 69,394 X 30,420 pixels, which is freaking ridiculous. Take a look: Vancouver Canucks fans.

From Brock, and this is another gaming screenshot website (and it's quite cool as well), it's Electric Blue Skies.

From Paul C., and believe me, this might be the most interesting link of the week: Hurricane Balls.

From Kevin W., and be warned: just looking at this might give you a heart attack. It's deep-fried stick of butter (on a stick). Well played, Iowa. Well played.

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