Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Links!

Loaded. Loaded!

Here's something completely fascinating that I never knew about until now: cats' pupils dilate just before they attack. Just watch this video, and see for yourself.

From Phil Honeywell, another incredible Danny Macaskill video, and as a bonus, the accompanying song (by Ben Howard) is absolutely tremendous.

I posted link a few years ago about a feral 7-year-old child that had been discovered living in Plant City, Florida. Now, an update on her condition that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

It looks lik a long-running mystery about lager has been solved: Lager's Mystery Yeast Discovered in Argentina .

George Paci sent in a series of excellent links this week: Turning “junk” noise into energy with maths, Google AI Challenge post-mortem (written by the contest winner), and a fascinating bit of Arthurian lore: The Mabinogion/Peredur the Son of Evrawc.

Here's a delightful story from across the pond: Court refuses trial by combat.

From Jeremy Fisher, a surprising new discovery: The moon may be younger than we thought.

Great headlines just keep on giving: Bull semen forces closure of interstate ramp.

From Mark Lahren, and this link wins the Vertigo Award Of The Week: On the top of Burj Khalifa's spire, the highest man-made point in the world.

From Kevin W, a robot swarm finds and retrieves a book. This is quite an incredible video, believe me. Also, and this is quite wonderful, it's Animals Being Dicks.

From DQ reader My Wife, a video that proves you are not incorrect in thinking that Tom Waits sings like the Cookie Monster.

From Sirius, a series of excellent links. First, it's the discovery of a gigantic species of wasp with huge jaws . Next, it's high mountain camping (runner-up for the Vertigo Award). Finally, it's The Stunning Fly Geyser.

From Jesse Leimkuehler,  a fascinating look at possibilities for  space colonization: Synthetic Life Could Help Colonize Mars.

Dave Tyrell sent a link to the new advertising campaign for Getafe FC, the Spanish First Division team that continues to have abysmal fan support (remember, this is the same team that featured a suicidal koala in a previous ad). This time, it's hot zombies and artificial insemination, I think (and entirely NSFW, unless boobies are approved by your workplace).

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