Wednesday, October 05, 2011


In 2007, quite a few of us were consumed with a little solitaire card game called "Fairway Solitaire." It was tremendously clever and insidiously fun.

The secret sauce, as it turned out, was John Cutter, a sports gaming legend who designed the game.

Fast forward to yesterday, when Eric Higgins-Freese emailed to ask if I knew that a sequel had been released.

No sir, I did not.

I'm sure John Cutter wasn't involved this time, but nostalgia drove me to purchase the game anyway, and as it turned out, I had some sort of Big Fish "coin" thing accumulated that made my purchase price $0.00.

It's still fun, as it turns out, and there is a ton of content. I don't think it's quite as much fun as the original, but it's still an entertaining diversion, and if you liked the first game, you'll enjoy this one as well.

Oh, here's a link: Fairway Collector's Edition.

[UPDATE: Glen Haag from the grouchy old bastards at The Blog for the Sports Gamer let me know that John Cutter WAS involved with the new game. That's good news.]

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