Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Links!

Okay, last time I'm asking, but Graham Wilkinson is in a dogfight to win the MTF Freshman Video contest, so if you have a minute, please go and vote. Thanks.

This must surely be the most unlikely bike race collision in history: Unlucky Biker Gets Jacked Up By An Antelope.

From Sirius, and these are amazing images, it's Cranberry harvest. Also, several obscure facts about the platypus (and who doesn't need a few of those?): "Duck-billed platypus" is redundant. One more, and it's fascinating: Why Columbus sailed SOUTH to the Americas.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is truly worth watching: Feynman on the Encyclopedia Britannica.

From Caleb Forney, and this is entirely awesome: Customs paperwork--from the moon.

From Jarod Werbick, and this is amazing: North Cliffs Failure - Amazing Cliff Collapse caught on Camera.

From Griffin Cheng, and you'll definitely want to see this: Astronaut Video Shows Spectacular Auroras From Space. Also, and these are beautiful, photos of animal's eyes.

Mark Guckeyson sent in a link to a terrific weather program: WeatherSpark.

From Steven Davis, several excellent links: Glorious 121,000′ Amateur Rocket Flight, Strum Motion Pictures with the VideoBass, and Wooden Chinese South-pointing chariot kit.

From Michael M., and this is both incredibly cute and entirely remarkable: Charlie And The Seal! .

From Danielle Newquist, a speculative but awesome link: Giant kraken lair discovered.

Here's a story that is just mind-blowing: The Tribesman Who Facebook Friended Me/.

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