Monday, October 10, 2011

Fairway (update)

I spent a bit more time with Fairway: Collector's Edition this weekend, and my impressions are even more positive now. It's just so carefully crafted, and there is so much attention to detail, along with so much content.

It's almost impossible to fault, and my only real complaint is more a comment on the nature of card games. When you start a course, it's a very linear process in terms of needing a certain score to unlock the next course.

It's become standard procedure for me that if I don't get an excellent score on the first hole, I restart the round. It would be terrific if there was some sort of gameplay element in place that encouraged me to attempt to salvage a poor round instead of abandoning it, but like I said, that's a weakness of almost all card games.

Someday, someone is going to fix that, and they're going to make a bunch of money. I hope.

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