Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2

From Wolverine Sports:
College Basketball season is right around the corner now and what better way to get fired up for your favorite team's march to the big dance than with Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2! Our brand new version of the critically acclaimed game brings you not only the depth and realism from the previous version but these all new features too...
New - Totally redone GUI allowing for full screen play and a host of data widgets to let you follow all the details of your association
New! - Assistant Coach Mode allows you to start off your coaching career as an assistant coach, performing tasks to help your team win while building up your reputation while you work toward your goal of becoming a head coach
New! - A brand new fictional league setting allows you to setup your collegiate game world in a system of promotion and relegation. The conference lines are completely redrawn creating superconferences and your goal is to work your way to the top conference and bring home the national championship.
New - "GameView" mode gives you another way to watch and coach your games
New - The DII challenge allows you to take one of five fictional schools who are trying to qualify for DI status. Can you recruit enough talent and win enough games against the big boys to belong as a DI member?
New! - Four additional teams added to the main post season tournament to field the tournament with four play in games plus an all new 16 team third postseason tournament added as well
New! - Progressive injury healing, lockable rotations, new game modifiers, assistant coach career tracking and much, much more!

You can get in depth details about all of these great new features from our DDS:CB2 feature page.

I haven't played a text sim in a while (no time,  unfortunately), but I think those are terrific new features, particularly the relegation feature, which I've wanted to see included in non-soccer sports games for a long time.   

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