Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not Allowed

"Dad, is there more than one bad word that starts with 'F' and has four letters?" Eli 10.4 is watching 24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the NHL Winter Classic. I tape the "sanitized" version for him, which airs during the day and bleeps out the curse words (and adds *** when there are subtitles).

This means that when the coach of the Rangers (John Tortorella), says anything, there's bleeping. In this case, there were subtitles, and "F***" had come up about four times in two sentences. Tortorella is one of those old-school asshole coaches, who seems like he's basically yelling at his guys all the time.

Since we're huge Penguins fans, and head coach Dan Bylsma is intelligent, rational, and composed, Tortorella isn't coming off very well with us. "He just says the same thing every time," Eli says. "How many times is it going to work to just yell the same thing at people?"

Good question.

There's only one problem with the 24/7 series, which we're both really enjoying: it's making the Flyers seem likable.

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