Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Seismic Shift

Engadget had an interesting post about the latest NPD data for the smartphone market.

You may remember that we had an extended discussion about this a few months ago, and in particular, in response to my belief that the Android OS was on its way to dominating the market, you guys made the fair point that there are many different kinds of Android devices--some extremely capable, some not so much. So it's sort of an apples to oranges comparison to iPhones.

So here's the latest market share data (for January through October of this year):
Android 53%
iOS 29%
RIM 10%
Windows Mobile 3%
Windows Phone 2%

Android and iOS have 82% of the total market, in other words. Here's what's remarkable, though--take a look back at 2007:
Android 0%
iOS 11%
RIM 35%
Windows Mobile 42%
Windows Phone 0%
Palm 9%

Only four years ago, Android didn't even exist yet, and iOS had 11% of the market. What an incredible change.

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