Thursday, December 08, 2011


I didn't mention this earlier, because it was too depressing, but here's what else we were dealing with this week:

That's a technician setting Eli 10.4 up for an x-ray of his nose. His idiot seven-year-old niece kicked him in the face at a birthday party, and he wound up with a small fracture in his nose (up high, almost between his eyes). Worse, she had been rough-housing with him and he had been trying to get her to stop, but he had been gentle because he didn't want to hurt her. Good grief.

So that was horrible, plus he's had strep throat and has been out of school all week. Misery.

Today, though, he got good news. He went to an ear/nose/throat doctor, who cleared him for hockey. So he's not going to miss any hockey because of his nose, which would have been incredibly shitty and unfair, and would have ruined his holidays completely. And we can still play tennis, too.

Life raft.

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