Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday Links!

Here are two phenomenal stories included in a Deadspin roundup of the best sports stories of 2011:
Blindsided: The Jerry Joseph Basketball Scandal
"Jerry Joseph was a basketball dream: six feet five and built like LeBron. Then the rumors started—and suddenly the 16-year-old golden boy was more illusion than dream."

The Confidence Man
"How Lalit Modi, possessed of inhuman energy, ambition and audacity, built a billion-dollar cricket kingdom—only to be rudely ejected from its throne."

From Sirius, and this is amazing, it's Transistors made from cotton yarn, t-shirt computers incoming. Also, and this is a remarkable video, it's Cézanne Was A Wimp . . . This Is True Water Colors. One more, and it's fascinating: This photograph is a cryptogram. And if you want a little more detail, Josh Eaves sent in a similar article: How to Make Anything Signify Anything.

From Rob, and it's tremendous: This music video was made using Kinect.

From Griffin Cheng, it's 11 new animal species. Also, and this is quite beautiful, it's What a Wonderful Sea of Fireflies.

From Josh Eaves, and this is an absolutely wonderful and interesting article (from Poemas del río Wang, which has lots of them), it's The Language Of Stamps.

From Dave Prosser, it's the BBC audio version of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy --for free!

From Frank Regan, and all I can say is "holy crap!": Controlled Quantum Levitation on a WipeOut Track.

From Steven Kreuch, and man, I admire the big brother in this story: Dear Customer who stuck up for his little brother.

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