Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Iron Man Mode: The Blog

Zeke Iddon sent me a note last week about "Iron Man Mode":
I wanted to raise awareness to a fun charity drive I've recently launched. Iron Man Mode is a comedy gaming blog in which a bunch of us blog about playing stuff like Minecraft, Syndicate, EVE etc. with only one life - once we're dead, the blog and game is over completely. It's more for fun than anything, but we're also using it to raise money for the Child's Play Charity.

That's a terrific idea, and here's an even more clever description of what they're doing, taken from the website:
Clueless idiots playing the best games ever made...with only one life.

I can't stress this enough: any website that has a section titled "Social Media Bollocks" gets my immediate seal of approval.

Here's the link, and enjoy: Iron Man Mode. And if you'd like to donate to Child's Play, then go here: Iron Man Mode (Donate).

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