Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Annual "The BCS is Shitty" Post

One thing I have been able to do this week, even in the chaos, is to look forward to the NFL conference championships on Sunday. It's also reminded me how empty and useless the college postseason is in its current format.

The Rose Bowl this year was a terrific game, tremendously exciting, and I had forgotten all about it 30 seconds after it was over, because it was meaningless. No one outside of Oregon and Wisconsin cared, because it led to nothing. I just watched it for entertainment--it could have been an episode of SpongeBob for all I cared.

In contrast, in the NFL, stories build. Every game is win or go home, and story lines rise and fall and are extended for weeks. San Francisco beat New Orleans in an incredibly dramatic game, and now the 49ers can go to the Super Bowl with one more win. There are a ton of interesting stories around the game, none of which would be written if that game had been a "bowl" game.

Yes, the story lines for the "mythical national championship" are extended for six weeks, but only because that's the weight until the game is played. That's not extended--that's dragged out.

Dragon Naturally Speaking originally interpreted that last phrase as "that's dried out." Yeah, it's that, too.

There has rarely been as much unanimity of opinion as there is now regarding the shitty state of the BCS. It's nothing less than a joke. And yet the d-bags that run college football refuse to effect change (I'm looking at you, Jim Delaney).

8-team playoff? We'd watch every second of every game. 35 exhibition bowl games? We watched a grand total of four, and none of them all the way through.

What a waste. And what a shame.

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