Thursday, January 12, 2012

Remote Survey Results

Thanks to those of you who sent in suggestions for remotes that would be easier for my mom to use. It's easy to break down the results: 85% of you recommended some version of a Harmony remote.

In particular, you like the Harmony One  remote, which has about 40 buttons and a nifty little touch screen as well. One particularly cool feature is the help button, which will ask the user questions about what's wrong and guide them through fixing the problem.

Big points for that, and what a great idea.

At the other end of the spectrum is something like this: RCA 4 Device Big Button Remote. Very inexpensive, bigger buttons, but less functionality and dicey compatibility in some cases.

A Time Warner technician came out yesterday and replaced Mom's remote, and she's certainly having a better experience now, even before I replace her remote control. But the number of buttons (62--seriously?) still boggles my mind.

I'll let you know how the replacement goes, in case any of you are in the same situation.

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