Thursday, January 19, 2012

To My Surprise

I'm having a surprising response to Eli's concussion recovery. It's kind of a running joke that I can handle emotional stress--lots of it--without compromising my productivity (to such a degree that I'm not sure it's even healthy), but I'm having a unique response to this whole episode.

It's severely depressing me.

I'm such a hyper-rational person that I can almost always think through emotions, but not this time. The complications with concussions and the possible long-term consequences, and the accompanying fear, have totally drained me.

So if at some point one of your children has a concussion (I certainly hope not), and you feel this way, don't be surprised. I'm the guy who has sandbags piled up next to Emotion River, to prevent a collapse, so if I'm going through this, then almost everyone probably does.

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