Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WTF Wednesday

I was in traffic today, driving, and I saw this fellow above the fray, at least ten feet off the ground, pedaling along. I couldn't see what he was pedaling, exactly, because I was blocked by traffic, but he was pedaling something.

Of course, because he didn't have any handlebars, I immediately thought of what's called a "giraffe" unicycle, which are quite popular with crazy people. When the traffic parted a bit, though, I could see that he was pedaling a giraffe bicycle, one that had a sky-blue frame.

Two wheels, but no handlebars.

This was in heavy traffic, mind you, and he was just blithely sailing along, riding against an endless stream of cars going by. It appeared that he was headed for some sort of mutiny, because he was wearing a puffy white pirate shirt with some sort of pantaloon, and his hair and moustache suggested that he might have just left a photography sesssion for a romance novel cover.

I couldn't get my camera out in time, but I'm now officially on watch for this guy. After living in Austin for twenty-five years, I thought I'd seen everything, but clearly, I was wrong.

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