Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Links!

From Frank Regan, a link to a wonderful website called All That Is Interesting, and it's an apt description.

Steven Davis sent in a slew of links this week, but the first one is my favorite: How-to: Build And Use An Afghan Box Camera. Here's more: Afghan Box Camera Project. Next is a fascinating link with a tie to a recent and wonderful film: Franklin Institute Automaton Has Link To 'Hugo'. Here's another, and it's quite mind-blowing: building a robotic bee with MEMS 3D printing. Last one, and it's fascinating: The History of the Helicopter: Early Helicopter Footage.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, a heartbreaking War Torn: An Iraq War Veteran's Story. Also, and this is a much happier link, it's This Is My Home ("a short film about the happy side of hoarding"). One more, and this is a wonderful story: Village in Italy Builds Giant Mirror to Combat 83 Days of Darkness.

From Roger R., and this is 100% fascinating: William L. Snyder and the story of the first Hobbit movie.

From Jeremy Fischer, and if you have cats, I'm sure you've seen a few of these already: The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions.

From Frank Donahue, and this is both disturbing and mesmerizing, it's NUKEMAP. Also, utterly spectacular video of a wing suit flyer imploding (he lived, although I don't know how).

From Sirius, and this is quite fascinating: Is an 8-hour sleep a modern artificial construct?

From Jonathan Arnold, and I am 100% sure I couldn't do this: Selyna Bogino Foot juggling act.

If you're thinking that the "Jesus Discovery" is anything but blatant self-promotion, you might want to check out the ASOR Blog (The American Schools of Oriental Research ).

From DQ WPF Advisor Scott Ray, and this will blow your mind, it's Microsoft's transparent 3D desktop puts a virtual computing environment at your fingertips.

From Dave Prosser, and this is fantastic: Rock Stars With Their Parents (the Frank Zappa picture is just incredible). Also, and this could be significant, it's New Energy-Dense Battery Could Enable Long-Distance Electric Cars.

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