Thursday, June 14, 2012

Virtual Reality, Courtesy Of The Guy Who Could Actually Do It

This certainly got my attention: John Carmack is making a virtual reality headset, $500 kits available soon.

Um, what?
John Carmack has been building a virtual reality headset in his spare time. He’s showing it to people behind closed doors at this year’s E3, tucked away inside the Bethesda booth...

Holy crap. Yes, I have complained periodically in the past that id Software basically makes technology demos, but who cares? They're usually phenomenal (in a technology sense), and Carmack is a genius many times over. I think you could lock him in a room with a #2 pencil, seven paper clips, and a deck of cards, and he could make a thorium reactor.

He's the technology version of Tarn Adams, operating on an entirely different plane of competence than the rest of us.

So if John Carmack is making a virtual reality headset, I'm in. And while there have always been issues with VR (headset weight, field of view, focus--hell, it's been nothing BUT issues, really), if anyone can solve most of these issues, it's Carmack.

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