Monday, July 30, 2012


If you have an iDevice, finishing reading this and go buy 10000000 immediately.

What is it? A match-three side-scroller with a retro personality and absolutely rock solid gameplay. You're in a dungeon, and you can only escape when you get 10000000 points on a single run through the dungeon. You also gather resources during the runs (in addition to fighting off enemies and opening treasure chests) that enable you to upgrade your weapon, armor, wand, etc.

Two words: hypnotically addictive.

It took me about six hours to finish the "quest" mode of the game, and I was totally focused for every minute. It's a brilliant piece of work, deserves to sell millions of copies, and it's ninety-nine cents, so you'll be paying less than a quarter an hour for the best gameplay experience you've had in years.

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