Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Links!

From Sirius, and I never thought I'd see this image in my lifetime, it's World's first single atom photo.

From C. Lee, and this is an absolutely fascinating story, it's Okinawa's first nuclear missile men break silence.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and these are spectacular images and video, it's Europe’s Tallest Building Celebrated with Explosive Laser Show in London. Also, and I had no idea this ever happened, it's Gandhi's letter to Adolf Hitler. Here's one more, and I promise that nothing you have ever seen in your life will prepare you for this: This Machine Prints Brick Roads. Edwin also sent in a wry and hilarious comment this this link: "God damn immigrant machines took our jobs!" Well-played, sir, well-played.

From Jeff Fowler, and these images are tremendous, it's The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics.

Matt Sakey has a new installment of his excellent Culture Clash feature, and it's particularly well-written and insightful this month: Dangerous to the Last Drop.

Mike Rozek sent in another card magic video featuring Derek DelGaudio, and it is just freaking amazing: card magic, and I do mean magic.

From Shane Courtrille, a brilliantly written piece about traveling in India. Let me warn you that although this piece is certainly nuanced in places, it is also tremendously harsh in others (and even potentially offensive). But it's certainly thought-provoking, and the mini-war that takes place in the comments section is fascinating in its own right. Here it is: A Dust Over India.

From David Gloier, and if you never thought a sailboat could be entirely badass, you are entirely incorrect: L'Hydroptère DCNS.

From Jonathan Arnold, and this video is mind-blowing, it's wingsuit racing. More racing, but of a different kind: Ken Block's Gymkhana Five: San Francisco. One more, and this is beyond incredible: 152,455-Piece Rolls-Royce Engine Is the Most Complex Lego Machine Ever Built. Incredibly, a fourth link, and it's very cool, of course: Google Art Project.

From Griffin Cheng, and this is quite remarkable: insect smaller than an amoeba. Also, and this is fascinating: Hubble Unmasks Ghost Galaxies.

From Frank Regan, and the language in this is slightly NSFW, so turn it down, but damn, it's funny: The one that got away! Shark bait.

Mark Vines sent in a link to a remarkably beautiful bit of kinetic sculpture: Kinetic Rain - World's largest kinetic art sculpture.

From Robbway, and I faced a kid in Little League who threw this hard, I swear: baseball at relativistic speeds and other wild hypotheticals.

From Francis Cermak, and these are stunning: Rare color photos from 1930s-40s.

From Meg McReynolds, and these are both touching and entertaining: 11 eye-opening NASA wake-up calls.

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