Monday, July 16, 2012

Pay It Forward (with Games)

Jason Ballew e-mailed me with something he's doing that is one of the coolest ideas ever:
Starting with the last Steam sale (Easter, I think?) I decided I was going to start paying it forward, and gifting games to people on my Friends list.

This time with the Steam Summer Sale starting today, I'm taking it further.

I went to Reddit (
and created a Pay it Forward. Figured I'd get a few people, give out some games, they'd give out some games, et al. The idea of course is that one person buys a game (I started it) and gives it to someone else, who buys for another, and so on.

What it's turned into right now is about 460 comments and a lot of people giving games around -- and the sale just started. Figured it might be something people might be interested in.

I'm a little late on this, because I just got the e-mail yesterday (since we were in Detroit last week), but he's going to continue this until the end of the Steam sale.

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