Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 3

It's been a while since we've heard from Gary Gorski, but he's just released Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 3, and here are the details:
Completely redone, full screen UI
• "GameView" mode of gameplay--a new way to play out or watch your games
• Updated contract rules--continued use of contract options and restricted free agency rules
• Improved player development and player scouting
• All new offensive strategy controls give you more control over your team
• Improved tracking of season records
• League Expansion! Start a brand new franchise with a league expansion draft and begin the ultimate dynasty challenge
• European play option gives you the option of running one of 72 foreign clubs with dual season play (domestic and cup)
• Season Disk files for purchase to start a career with a full historical database and import rookies over time
• Updated rosters FREE with the game so that you draft alongside your favorite team just as they stand today

More details here, including a demo.

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