Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from Eric Higgins-Freese, an article about the incredible James Webb Space Telescope :
[The James Webb Space Telescope] has, in many ways, 100 times the capabilities that the Hubble Space Telescope does. We're actually going to be able to see the first stars forming, the first galaxies forming after the Big Bang. We're also going to be able to — we think — directly image planets orbiting other stars.

Oh, and this a co-lead link for the week (from The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, who makes an appearance later as well): Mummified Siberian Princess Unearthed With Pristine Tattoos. Incredible.

A series of excellent links from C. Lee this week. First, a fascinating product to assist the elderly that is an offshoot of the Asimo humanoid robot.

Here's a fascinating link from Francis Cermak that revises everything I thought I knew about exercise and lactic acid: Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel.

From Donny Plumley, and who knew a dog could do parkour?

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is simply outstanding: How To Eat A Watermelon. Also, and this is very amusing, it's The World's Shortest Scheduled Flight. One more, and it's a great story: a man whose father died of cancer identifying the location of a photograph of his dad taken 39 years ago.

Matt Sakey's excellent Culture Clash feature has a new installment, and this month, it's Something I'll Never Do Again.

If you've seen the film "Dog Day Afternoon", you'll be fascinated by this link from Jonathan Arnold: Recalling the Real ‘Dog Day Afternoon,’ 40 Years On.

From David Gloier, a fascinating echo from the past: Cold War Spy Tunnel Under Berlin Found After 56 Years.

From Griffin Cheng, and this is both emotionally charged and terrific writing: The Checkpoint: Terror, Power, and Cruelty. Also, this is a a clear badass sighting: Cobra Bites Man, Man Bites Back and Kills Cobra. One more, and this is simply one of the most remarkable and amazing things I've ever seen: A Squid Listening to Cypress Hill's "Insane in the Brain".

From Meg McReynolds, and these phots are quite striking (blame Meg for the pun): Lightning Strikes. Also, and this is entirely fascinating, it's Vowel Movement: How Americans near the Great Lakes are radically changing the sound of English.

From Rob Funk, and I can only assume Action Park wasn't mentioned because it's not an article about the world's "deadliest" water slides: World's craziest water slides.

From Greg Bagley, and this is both crazy and clever: Town in Israel Puts Wi-Fi Routers On Its Donkeys.

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