Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breaking News [Wait: I Take That Back]

Bizarrely, a story appeared on the front page of Engadget for a short period of time about EA laying off 10% of their employees, which seemed entirely plausible given then current business situation. However, as David Alpern correctly points out, that's not a current article. It had a 2012 date on it, but it's actually from 2008.

So much for posting things quickly.

Good grief, I never post anything remotely this quickly anymore (blame GS).

From [now Engadget has taken down the link]:
EA is preparing to undertake some rather drastic cost-cutting measures, including laying off 1,000 workers. That number represents 10 percent of its total employees, a large enough chunk that several titles and franchises will be getting the ax as well. To further slash costs, EA will be closing at least nine facilities across the globe and condense its teams into fewer offices.

Ten percent is a huge cut. That's not fat, that's muscle and bone.

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