Thursday, September 06, 2012

Games You Very Well Might Like

I originally had a note that Middle Manager of Justice had been released for iThingie devices, but that was apparently in error. Still, it looks terrific, and you can take a look here: Middle Manager of Justice.

Coming on September 14 is FTL: Faster Than Light, described as "a spaceship simulation real-time roguelike-like", and no, that wasn't a typo.

It sounds utterly fantastic, and I'll be playing it on launch day, for once. Here's the game's website: FTL: Faster Than Light.

The Bass Expansion for Rocksmith has been released, and according to former DQ Guitar Exploration Leader David Gloier, it's entirely brilliant: Bass Expansion disc. Full bass support for songs from the original guitar version as well. Maybe David will send in a more detailed explanation about what he find so compelling (that's a hint, DG), and I'll post it here.

Also, don't forget Torchlight II on September 20.

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