Tuesday, November 06, 2012

So Nice (Update)

This makes my point far better than I did. From Marc Pagliaro:
I agree completely with your thoughts about the Medal of Honor trailer. Having been in the military for 30 years (I retired 2 years ago), I thank God that I never had to make an official death notification. I knew people who did, and it was a career memory for every one of them. A friend of mine walked up to a house with a party going on...and stories get worse from there.

If any of EA’s leadership had ever done a notification it would have never crossed their mind to let this get out. OR if they had just stopped to think for 1/2 a second. The more I think about it the less I understand the logic...and the more upset I get.

Also, here's an ironic note (sent in by a longtime reader):
While the basic idea is reprehensible, they could not even get the details right.  US Navy Master Chiefs (which is who they depict in their ad) do not deliver family notices. Navy Chaplains (who are all officers - a Master Chief is NOT an officer) along with a Command Officer deliver those notices. 

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